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China Railway Construction announced the acquisition of Sino-Thai railway project

Publisher:l 飞宏
Release time: 2016-12-24


  China and Thailand between the railway project cooperation after a twists and turns after finally finalized. China Railway Construction Southeast Asia, general manager of Zhu Xi are 26 in Bangkok, said the Sino-Thai railway cooperation has been held six rounds of talks, the two sides intends to sign in early September Sino-Thai railway cooperation between the intergovernmental framework agreement is expected to be held at the end of October ceremony.


  This year coincides with the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Thailand. It is also the year when China's "all the way through the" initiative, and the historic Sino-Thai railway has attracted much attention.


  Zhu Xizeng said that China and Thailand plan to complete the railway construction within three years, Sino-Thai railway cooperation will bring benefits to the economic and social development in Thailand. After the completion of the operation of the railway, will greatly facilitate people to travel from Kunming to Bangkok from the railway fare of about 3600 baht per person (about 700 yuan), equivalent to half or one third of the fares, freight The cost is equivalent to one-ninth of the cost of the air. Each year or for Thailand to increase 2 million Chinese tourists, Thailand's agricultural exports to further facilitate the use of Thailand to become ASEAN's transport hub.


  Wu Zhifu, the Chargé d'affaires of the Chinese embassy in Thailand, said that the cooperation between China and Thailand is an example of the effective docking between China's "one side of the road" initiative and the Thai parenting infrastructure construction plan. On this basis, China and Thailand can also continue to strengthen the port, airport and other infrastructure projects in cooperation.


  China-Thailand Railway is connected to the interconnection strategy between China and Southeast Asia. It connects north to Laos Vientiane to Kunming, southward to Malaysia and Singapore, or will form an important part of the Pan-Asian Railway. China-Thailand railway cooperation includes four routes: Bangkok - Kan Gui, Kan Gui - Matabu, Kan Gui - Nakhon Ratchasima and Nakhon Ratchasima - corridor, forming a "man" shape, across the north of Bangkok, north and south of the country.


  In October 2013, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang again in Thailand during the two countries to promote high-speed rail cooperation projects, after the two countries jointly issued the "Sino-Thai relations development vision", but this plan has been twists and turns due to changes in the situation in Thailand twists and turns.


  Good thing is not afraid of grinding. At the end of 2014, Li Keqiang and Thai Prime Minister Mao Yu witnessed the signing of the Sino-Thai railway cooperation and agricultural trade memorandum of understanding, opened the two countries railway cooperation process. After the two sides on the line planning, speed, investment and other multi-round negotiations. The railway is also part of the eight-year infrastructure project approved by the Thai parent government in 2014.


  However, in the process of cooperation between China and Thailand, at the end of May this year, a Thai-Japanese signed a memorandum of high-speed rail talks detonated the Sino-Japanese debate on the Thai high-speed rail, and even the Japanese media called "China to abandon the Thai high-speed rail project." Chinese officials have denied this. The Chinese side stressed that Sino-Thai railway cooperation is an important part of pragmatic cooperation between the two countries, the two sides will promote the project in accordance with the principle of mutual benefit and friendship. Thai Prime Minister Yau said that the Sino-Thai railway project in August must start, and in accordance with the expected start in October this year.


  Rumors soon break. On July 1, the fifth meeting of China-Thailand Railway Cooperation made concrete progress. The two sides reached a series of consensus and achievements on the feasibility study, financing framework program and personnel training program.


  Planning in the Thai railway length of 867 kilometers, the two sides have agreed to run at a speed of 180 kilometers, 250 kilometers per hour than the program to reduce the construction costs. China-Thailand Railway will be the northern border of Thailand's Gallery House and the capital of Bangkok to connect up, is considered a "historic" railway project.


  As a result of the "one way around" the construction of the start, the ASEAN countries to strengthen the infrastructure construction. To Thailand, for example, China-Thailand railway construction, will drive the Chinese equipment manufacturing industry to go out, Sany Heavy Industry has tasted the sweetness. In the construction of a railway station in Thailand, it received a $ 80 million order.


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