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Hand Hydraulic Bending Machine
Hand Hydraulic Bending Machine
Hand Hydraulic Bending Machine
Release date: 2017-01-10
Experts on: Flexible and convenient for site site use, specialized support.High oil pressure, fast bending speed.Simple operation, reduce laborThe introduction of the latest technology in Europe, China's first, patented technology.
  • Device description
  • Equipment advantage
  • Equipment parameters
  • After-sale service

Device Configuration:

Hydraulic station (high pressure pump), 50KG

Tubing (two meters, can be extended, 50 yuan / m),

Pressure gauge,

Hand-held bending machine. 10KG

1. Flexible and convenient, suitable for site use, special support.

2. High oil pressure, fast bending speed.

3. Simple operation, reduce labor

4. The introduction of the latest technology in Europe, China's first, patented technology.


Reinforcing bar diameter 12 ~ 32mm

Bending angle: rebar 90 degrees / rebar 180 degrees


Pre-sale Service

1. According to your requirements to help you design a reasonable solution,choose a reasonable equipment

2.In-depth explanation of customer service scheme by design experts.

Sale Service
1.Provide the video to help you to learn about how the device works.
2.Help you to know the details of the Key parts and our advantage. 

After-sales Service
1. Guarantee for One year.
2. Quality problem, we will send you the accessories for free or free repair during the quality warranty.
3. Video technical support.

4.Field installation, commissioning and training can support.

5.24 hours maintenance response: timely feedback within 24 hours after acceptance of maintenance service.
6. Customer can enjoy lifelong value maintenance.
7. Professional and international experienced after-sales service team. 


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