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Steel Wire Striaghtening&Cutting Machine
FHT High-speed wire straightening and cutting machine parameterPerformanceUnit                      ModelFHT3-10FHT5-10FHT6-12StrengthenFHT6-12AStrengthenFHT8-14AFHT12-16Diameter of straightened and cut steel bar Hot rolled round steel HPBmmφ5-φ10φ5-φ10φ5-φ12φ6-φ12φ8-φ14φ12-φ16HRB335 hot rolled ribbed Class Ⅱ Disc deformed steel barmmφ5-φ8φ5-φ8φ6-φ10φ6-φ12φ8-φ14φ12-φ16HRB400 hot rolled ribbed Class Ⅲ Disc deformed steel barsmmφ5-φ8φ5-φ8φ6-φ10φ6-φ12φ8-φ14φ12-φ16cold rolled steel wire and cold rolled ribbed steel wiremmφ3-φ10φ5-φ10φ5-φ12φ5-φ12φ8-φ14φ12-φ16Cutting lengthm1——12Cutting speed(adjustable,three level)m/min30-100-136Straightnessmm/m≤2Cutting length precisionmm≤±1P...
Release time: 2017 - 01 - 10
FHT series have six kinds of standard model, which are FHT3-10, the FHT5-10, FT6-12, enhanced FHT8, enhanced FHT6-12-14 A and FHT12-16 .All theses equipments have been put into mass production and supply to the market. FHT series are used for straightening and cutting the 3 ~ 16 mm smooth wire rod steel, cold -rolled ribbed rebar, hot-rolled ribbed rebar. The outstanding features are high efficiency ( straightening speed in 136m/min) and accurate precision (sizing error in ±1 mm).       Developed in 2002 and introduced to market in 2003, the product has been sold to huge steel suppliers and steel  processing plants in domestic market ,such as SHOUGANG, XINGGANG KING GANG, NAN GANG ,LIU GANG,Nanjing, Chongqing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Guangxi, Shandong, S...
ModelFHT3-10DFHT5-12DWire straightening diameter(mm)Screw-thread steel 3-10mm,Round steel3-10mmScrew-thread steel 5-12mmRound steel 5-14mmWire cutting sizing(mm)Infinitely adjustableinfinitely adjustableCutting speed(m/min)42-48m/min42-48m/minWire sizing cutting error(mm)≤1.5mm≤1.5mmStraightness(mm/m)≤±2mm/m≤±2mm/mPulling speed(m/min)45 65m/min45 65m/minRevolving speed(r/min)1460r/min1460r/minPower(kg)9kW9kWWork temperature(℃)-10-+50℃-10-+50℃Overall Dimension(mm)1600*800*850mm(L*W*H)1600*800*850mm( L*W*H )Weight(kg)350kg350kgWorking voltage(v)380v380v
Release time: 2018 - 06 - 30
1. Adopting microcomputer control, automatically straightening and hydraulic cutting the steel bar (round steel &screw steel).2. Fool-type operating system, easy to operate.3. Electronic digital ruler, without mechanical ruler. 4. Small area occupation, moderate weight and it can be convenient to remove and pack.5. Multi-batch simultaneous input length and quantity, computer storage memory, efficient and convenient.6. Smooth operation, failure rate and easy maintenance.7. Adopting taper coordination, the feeding cylinder does not rebound. With dual supports bearing counting frame, the meter is more accurate, the error is less than 5mm.
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