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CNC slant turning lathe machine
ModelFH6163AThe maximum turning diameter on the bed630mmMaximum processing length   1850mmcutting diameterФ630mmThe maximum turning diameter on the tool holderФ350mmX middle pallet width400mmBed upper rail width550mmSpindle endD-11/A2-11Spindle through hole diameter105mmManual third gearHeadstockSpindle speed range30-1000r/minSpindle speed seriesContinuously variable speed in each gearMain motor output power11kwChuckChuck Diameter/FormФ315/manual Z direction minimum moving unit0.001mm/min X direction minimum moving unit0.0005mm/min Z travel2000mmX travel360mm X direction rapid movement speed5000mm/min Z direction rapid movement speed8000mm/min Tailstock sleeve diameter100mm Tailstock sleeve tapered holeMohs 5 Maximum stroke of tailstock sleeve250 mm Z-axis repeat positioning...
Release time: 2019 - 06 - 21
1.The base of the machine tool is wide, and the structure of the bed guide rail is reasonable, which more effectively improves the stability of the machine tool and the stability of the spindle.2.The main shaft of the machine tool adopts high-precision matched and combined bearings, which have good stability and large load during operation.3.The guide rail is made of wear-resistant cast iron and has been artificially aged for 48 hours to ensure long-term stable processing accuracy and service life.4. The main shaft adopts three manual gears, which realizes stepless speed change in each gear and ensures high torque output, which meets the processing requirements of most products.5.The high-precision ball screw pair adopts a three-point pre-tensioning structure, high-precision pre-tightening...
NameItemUnitSpecificationWorkbench  Size (length x width)mm1000×500T-slot (size x quantity x spacing)mm18×3×130weight capacityKg600JourneyX axismm800Y axismm500Z axismm550Fast speedX/Y/Z axism/min48/48/48Feed rateX/Y/Z axismm/min1~10000Spindle  Spindle taper hole/speedBT40/12000rpm direct connectionNose end to table distancemm120-670Spindle center to column distancemm550Precisionpositioning accuracymm±0.005/300Repeatabilitymm±0.003/300Tool magazine   Magazine capacity24TMaximum Tool Outer Diametermm80(adjacent empty knife 150)tool lengthmm300tool weightkg7OtherTotal capacity of machine power supplyKVA20barometric pressurebar6Machine weight (approx.)kg4500Machine Tool Dimensions (L*W*H)mm2450*2650*2750Machine colorSt...
Release time: 2019 - 06 - 21
FH-850 line rail vertical machining center is a kind of processing equipment with excellent performance, wide range of processing technology, high precision and high production efficiency, which is designed and manufactured by our company by adopting modern advanced mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and other new technologies. The machine tool adopts the world's advanced numerical control system FANUC Japan, which can realize any three-axis linkage processing.This product has a wide range of applications and strong processing capabilities; it is mainly suitable for aerospace, shipbuilding, power generation, military industry, heavy machinery, locomotives, machine tools, textile machinery, printing machinery, mold manufacturing and other industries. The machine tool has the functions of...
ModelFH550WMaximum turning diameter (mm)Φ550cutting diameter (shaft/disc) (mm)Φ300/Φ480cutting length (mm)700Chuck size inch10Spindle formA2-8Through rod diameter (mm)Φ75Spindle speed(rpm)3000Fast moving speed(m/min)15/20(X/Z)X-axis maximum travel (mm)280Z axis maximum travel (mm)850Maximum stroke of tailstock (mm)800Tailstock sleeve travel (mm)100External Shank Dimensions (mm)25x25Spindle motor power kw (continuous/30min continuous)15/18.5Servo motor torque X/ZN.M18/18Machine Weight (KG)4200
Release time: 2019 - 06 - 21
1. The machine tool adopts integral casting of the bed and foot, which has a very small amount of anti-distortion deformation and high stability.2. The guide rail adopts a full protective structure, and the guide rail has a longer service life.3. Mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integration design, small size, compact structure, convenient chip removal, beautiful appearance.4. The main shaft is operated by the main servo motor to realize stepless speed change.5. The high-precision ball screw pair adopts a three-point pre-tensioning structure, high-precision pre-tightening nuts, and high transmission accuracy, which can ensure small mechanical errors for a long time. High-precision coupling, no slip at high speed and high torque.6. The independent lubricating system design of the bed en...
SpecificationsUnitFH6150*2000Max.swing over bedmmФ500Max.swing over cross slidemmФ280Max.Processing lengthmm2000X/Z axis travelmmX:220 Z:1850Spindle transmission typeThree-speed variable speed, stepless frequency conversion speed regulation within the gearSpindle noseC6Spindle boremm82Spindle taperMT6Spindle motorKW7.5Chuck sizemm250Ball screw dia.and pitchmmφ25X6/φ40X8X/Z axis feed motor torqueN.mX:6 Z:10X/Z axis rapid traversem/minX:6  Z:8X/Z axis repeatabilitymm0.01/0.015Processing accuracyIT6-IT7Workpiece surface roughnessRa1.6Tailstock sleeve dia.mm65Tailstock sleeve travelmm140Tailstock sleeve taper#MT5Tool post typeElectric four-stationCutting tool shape sizemm25X25Guide formSingle mountain flat trackTotal power capacityKVA10Machine dimension(L×W×H)mm3200X1500X1650N.W...
Release time: 2019 - 05 - 21
1)  FH6150*2000 CNC lathe has high precision, and the main shaft is supported by Harbin Bearing BEARING high-precision double ball bearing, with low noise, high precision and good stability.2)  It can turn various rotary surfaces, such as cylindrical surfaces, conical surfaces, special-shaped surfaces, etc., and can also perform grooving, threading, boring and reaming processing, with high efficiency and strong applicability.3)  The guide rail of the bed is finely ground after supersonic frequency quenching, with high hardness and good rigidity.4)  The ball screw adopts the overall internal circulation screw, supported and pre-tightened by paired angular contact ball bearings. Guide rails, screw rods, etc. adopt centralized automatic lubrication, whi...
Technical specificationsUnitTCK700  Processing rangeThe maximum turning diameter on the bedmmΦ780 The maximum turning diameter on the saddlemmΦ500Turning lengthmm1000/1500/2000/3000(Power turret minus 80mm)   SpindleSpindle head typemmA2-8A2-11Spindle through hole diametermm88105132Pull tube through holemm7592115Spindle speedr/min300025001600Spindle motor powerKW15-2122-30Chuck diameterinch10/12/15/18/21 TailstockTailstock sleeve diameter/strokemmΦ150/200 internal rotationSleeve inner taperMTNo.M5/6Tailstock movement formHydraulic/servo programmable  SaddleslopeDEG45°Moving distance X/Zmm350+20/1050/1650/2100/3100Fast movement speed X/Zm/min16/24Servo motor torque X/Zkw3.9  Turret Hydraulic Servonumber of tools12 stationsCutter di...
Release time: 2019 - 05 - 21
1)  The 45° inclined bed and the base are integrally cast, cast with high-strength cast iron, the reinforcement ribs arranged optimally through finite element analysis, high-strength cast iron materials, resin sand molding, fully secondary aging and natural aging, Make the basic parts of the machine tool have high rigidity and ensure the stability of the machine tool for long-term use; cooperate with automatic forced lubrication, greatly reduce the frictional resistance of the feed movement, and improve the accuracy and life of the machine tool.2)  Both the X and Z axes adopt high-precision, high-load capacity, and high-reliability linear rolling guide rails. Among them, the Z-axis adopts a 6-slider design to greatly increase rigidity, and cooperate with automatic ...
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