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FH Spare Parts Service

Release date: 2017-01-04
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1. General Principles


The normal supply of spare parts is the guarantee to ensure the equipment run smoothly and continuously.

Shandong Feihong will supply the spare parts during the guarantee period, and supply the spare parts during the installation and debugging of the equipment.


The Spare Parts List supplied by Shandong Feihong could be amended as per actuarial design requirement. Clients could purchase the spare parts according to provided List the when the warranty period is expired. Meanwhile, Clients could purchase the spare parts excluded in the List.


Shandong Feihong will take responsibility of the damage spare parts which caused by design problem during the warranty period.


The type and model of spare parts should be confirmed during Contact execution phase and provided before warranty expiry date. Shandong Feihong will provide assistance of spare parts supply for client during warranty period.


Shandong Feihong ensures that all of the original parts or commutability parts of equipment could be purchased easily during running period and over the next 10 years of installation, and all parts could operate smoothly.


2. Confirmation of Spare Parts, Special Tools


The confirmation of type and quantity of steel bar processing equipment should be as per below principles:


The Recommended Spare Part List of manufacturer

The commonly used components and parts

The equipment and components which effect normal operation after breakdown

The equipment and components which need long- term maintenance cycle


As the spare parts confirmed according to the above principle, Shandong Feihong will preliminary determine the quantity of the spare parts, which is about 10% of the equipment or the components on the basis of previous experience. The type and quantity of spare parts will be noted during the operation process to gain the rule of the breakdown. And update the spare parts according to the situation at least once every two years. Shandong Feihong will cooperate to the clients to make sure all the spare parts are necessary and reasonable.


3. Spare Part Management


After determining the quantity and variety of reasonable spare parts, the effective spare parts management is the key to ensure the timely supply of spare parts.  According to the data obtained through the operation of the equipment, Shandong Feihong will recommend the warning quantity of spare parts to clients.

 When the spare parts consumption reaches the warning quantity, Feihong will follow the best price to provide the newest spare parts on the basis of client’s request to ensure that the spare parts can meet the long-term and normal operation of the equipment.


4. Spare Parts Maintenance


The replaced damaged parts or components could be return and repair by Shandong Feihong Work Shop. Client can contact Feihong and send the damaged parts to Feihong Work Shop for maintenance demand. Feihong will confirm the part repairable or not in one working day, and the irreparable part would be recommended to purchase new one. Feihong will provide temporary succedaneums part to client for the parts which require long repair schedule (more than half month) or below the warning quantity of the store quantity.


5. Spare Parts Continuous Supply


 For the equipments are latest product, it will not halt production in the next 5 years. And spare parts support is supplied in the next 10 years after the halt production of the equipment. That can make sure the spare parts supply continuously during the equipment life service.


6. Spare Parts Price Policy


Shandong Feihong promises that the price of spare parts will not higher than the contract price for at least two years after warranty period expired. The commutability spare parts for which halt production will be charged as per cost only. Furthermore, the repairing spare parts are also charged for cost and transportation only.


7. Spare Parts Deliver Guarantee

The entire spare parts deliver schedule should not exceed the period which is specified in contract.


8. Spare Parts Delay Compensation

The compensation of delay will as per the agreed contract in warranty period. For the exceeding warranty period, it is suggested that the long term supply contract of spare parts should be signed with Shandong Feihong. If delayed, the clients shall be compensated according to the contract.


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