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Shandong Feihong Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. Tel: Alice: 0086-15092186599 Jessica: 0086-15806593599 Lily: 0086-15726392099 E-mail: Address: Feihong Innivation Park,Rencheng District,Jining City ,Shandong Province,China
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Shandong Feihong, a leading numerical control steel processing equipment manufacturer, provides practical “automatic numerical control steel processing services program” for the steel processing field and construction site in the fields of highway, high-speed railway and housing construction in over 20 countries and regions around the world to have the global customer enjoy steel automatic processing design with “ultra-high quality and professional design” unique to Feihong.


Shandong Feihong, relying on the first team of experts on research and development in numerical control steel processing equipment and “Grade 8 Quality Guarantee System”, possesses the most advanced and humane “equipment solutions” in the industry to flexibly meet the standard production requirements of various steel processing around the world and basically achieved the inspection exemption of steel finished products globally with four main products: numerical control steel roll welding machine, numerical control steel bending center, numerical control steel hoop machine and numerical control steel cutting production line.


Shandong Feihong, always adhering to the core value of “being a person prior to all”, tries to build a time-honored brand in China’s machinery industry with the brand culture of “Confucian Culture”, purpose of “being a current brand and creating a time-honored enterprise” and idea of “practical-oriented and moral-based”. Thanks to the overseas branches, domestic offices, professional construction team as well as the strong innovation ability of the expert team, solid equipment quality and perfect after-sales service system, the Company has won the trust and cooperation of global customers.


The goal Shandong Feihong has been pursuing is: better products, finer services and perfect reputation. At present, Shandong Feihong has had brilliant achievements in the construction sites of China Railway, China Communication and the roads and bridges of different provinces and completed many other large-scale standard construction supporting services with its products sold to North America, Southeast Asia, West Asia, Europe, etc. Despite the achievements already made, we believe that there is no best only better so we will continue to make further efforts! Just as Confucius once said, among any three people walking, I will find something to learn for sure. Their good qualities are to be followed, and their shortcomings are to be avoided. Therefore, we will strive to improve our products and services combining the practical situation of the construction site and the valuable suggestions given by the customers to become the most reliable long-term partner of the construction units.


In the future, Shandong Feihong will continue to be committed to leading the development of domestic automatic steel processing equipment industry to face the rapidly changing challenges in the field of the equipment around the world.



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