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Shandong Feihong Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. Tel: Alice: 0086-15092186599 Jessica: 0086-15806593599 Lily: 0086-15726392099 E-mail: Address: Feihong Innivation Park,Rencheng District,Jining City ,Shandong Province,China
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Shandong Feihong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. focuses on quality and service in the field of metal processing. People-oriented, committed to promoting the development of humanized and intelligent metal processing industry, and spare no effort to assist engineers in realizing the desire of smart metal processing factory.


Since its establishment, Feihong has established cooperative relations with the domestic China Railway Group, China Railway Construction Group, China Communications Construction Group and other state-owned super large engineering groups, Gansu Road and Bridge Group, Ningxia Road and Bridge Group and other provincial large road and bridge groups. Successfully provided CNC metal processing solution that satisfies the excellent factories in Russia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Ethiopia, Kenya, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Japan and other countries all over the world. By 2023, Shandong Feihong has been shortlisted as a qualified supplier of China Railway Group's annual strategic cooperation framework agreement for eight consecutive years.


Shandong Feihong has an advanced technology research and development center, which is established by technical experts who have been engaged in the intelligent precision equipment industry for many years, and has a number of independent intellectual property rights such as utility model patents and technical invention patents. It has also passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 Environmental management system certification, European Union CE certification, German Rheinland product sincerity certification, Swiss SGS certification and other internationally well-known certifications.


Confucius said:How can one be acceptable without being trustworthy in words? Feihong insists on the creed of 'Honesty is an honor, dishonesty is a shame', and turns it into the conscious action of all Feihong people. Shandong Feihong has been continuously rated as a contract-honoring and trustworthy enterprise, a quality service integrity unit, and an AAA-level credit enterprise. Feihong has been commended by customers many times and has been awarded a certificate of honor and a pennant. Although Feihong has been recognized by the industry and customers through its firm efforts, Feihong people will guard against arrogance and rashness, believe in righteous thoughts, and continue to adhere to the core values of Feihong culture: Ethics First, Business Second to help the global steel processing industry prosper and develop !



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