Shandong Feihong, leader of CNC Steel processing equipment brands.
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Shandong Feihong, leader of CNC Steel processing equipment brands.

  • 1. Import ABB converter, Panasonic PLC and Touchable Screen to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

    2. Cage diameter control precision, the longitudinal bar spacing error is small, and it can be controlled within 1cm; one meter Spiral wire spacing error can be controlled within 5mm.

    3.It can produce double longitudinal bar with double spiral wires high quality cage.

    4. The weight of the equipment is heavier 10% than other factories in the same industry.

    5.The load capacity of equipment is large, and it can produce 5-6 tons in one rebar cage.

    6.Power source: the three main geared motors adopt the domestic top brands, large torque and low failure rate.

    7.The hydraulic support adopts a Cylinder diameter of 100mm, but other suppliers’ are generally 80mm in the industry; the support ability of our equipment is over 20% in the same industry.


  • 1. Controlled by top-class brand servo motor. The nose features rapid moving response and high accuracy of positioning.

    2. The bending nose has compact structure. The bending moulds of different models are equipped. The bent rebar is of intensive range.

    3. The bending platform adopts high-strength guide rail which will not be out of shape easily and is durable in use.

    4. With humanized storing racks, the production is easy and efficience can be improved.

    5. With world top-class brand CNC control system, we realize automatic production and ensure practicality and long service life of equipment.



  • 1. Pure CNC stirrup bender can digitally control the traction and pressing amount according to the steel wire diameter, and the electric control detects the bending motion to make the operation simple and the work more stable. 

    2Double-position bending axis setting & optional multiple moulds; it can bent various stirrups of 100-1380mm

    3. Traction straightening wheel  After special heat treatment process, the surface hardness is 55-60HRC, is corrosion resistance, wear resista. 

    4. Split fixed blade,It can bend single-wire Φ5-13mm, double-wire Φ5-10mm of smooth-round cold-rolled  and hot-rolled steel.


    1.Adopting hydraulic shearing, which features are small volume、high cutting force and high output. Compared to the mechanical shear, it has the advantages of low noise、long service life and stable operation, etc.

    2.Adopting import seal to the hydraulic cylinder, it is greatly increased service life.

    3.With hydraulic cylinder pressing material, it has the higher pressure, and the steel bar will not rotate during cutting, therefore the steel bar will be uniformly cut.

    4.Rebar fixed-length mechanism adopts servo motor control, adjusting the distance between the shear blade and positioning baffle through Servo motor drive screw mechanism. With encoder measurement, length of high precision, it can up to ± 2 mm. It can cut the rebar to kinds of length.

  • 1.Worm gear structure.

    2.Strengthen the worm gear, steel section play worm.

    3.Forged solid external gear.

    4.Full solid square steel, disc, surface grinding machine processing.

    5.Spindle adopts NJ215 roller bearing.

    6.Adjustable motor board, tension triangle belt.

    7.Automatic type: Set the stop screw and open the T-Shaped groove on the side of the working disc. The working disc can automatically return to the position when selecting a certain angle to improve the efficiency.

    8.Numerical control type: Use full solid working disc, adopt encoder and PLC numerical control operation panel, use more convenient, more accurate angle.

    9.Increase the emergency stop button to prevent improper operation.

  • 1.FHT series are used for straightening and cutting the 3 ~ 16 mm smooth wire rod steel, cold -rolled ribbed rebar, hot-rolled ribbed rebar. 

    2.High efficiency ( straightening speed in 136m/min) . 

    3.Accurate precision (sizing error in ±1 mm).

    4.German Siemens system with long service life.

The company provides steel bar processing sites and construction sites in the fields of expressway, high-speed railway and house construction from more than 20 countries in the world with “automated CNC steel processing service programs”
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With the release of industrial restructuring and upgrading of demand, rising productivity costs and ...
2016 - 12 - 23
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    On May 19, 2020, Feihong successfully cooperated with the construction team of the 2nd bid construction project of Suxi-Changnan Expressway , and this time we signed a set of CNC Rebar Vertical Bending Center. The equipment was issued on May 20, 2020, and arrived at the project construction site smoothly on 2020.5.21, to make contributions to the construction of Suxi- Changnan Expressway 2 bid project.Thank you very much for the trust and support given to Feihong by the leaders of the construction team of Suxi- Changnan Expressway 2 bid project. We believe that in the process of getting along with you in the future, you will have a deeper understanding of Feihong products and Feihong people. Feihong is your right choice. Feihong always takes the 'practical as the basis, virtuous w...
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    On May 12, 2020, Feihong and Beijing Judali Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd. once again successfully cooperated. This time signed 1 set of CNC Sawing and Threading Line, 1 set of CNC Stirrup Bender, 1 set of CNC Rebar  Bending Center. The set of equipment has been issued on May 16, 2020 and May 18, 2020, respectively, and it is expected that all of them will arrive at the project construction site smoothly before May 20,2020. Make due contributions to the construction of Guangzhou Metro Line 10 project.Thank you very much for the support and trust of the leaders of Beijing Judali Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd. for Feihong's products. Shandong Feihong will always adhere to the core values of “Ethics first, Business second”, the brand culture of “Confucian merchant culture...
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    On May 12, 2020, Feihong and China Railway Shanghai Bureau No. 5 Company again cooperated successfully, and this time signed a set of intelligent steel sawing machines. The equipment was issued on May 16, 2020, and arrived at the project construction site smoothly on May 20, 2020, to make contributions to the construction of Changyi-chang Railway Project. This cooperation is another full affirmation of our company's strength, product quality, and after-sales service, and it is also a testimony to our core culture of 'practical as the basis, virtuous world'! We firmly believe that: No effort, no gain; Only by insisting on being customer-centric, staying close to the market, constantly improving ourselves, and improving the overall competitiveness of the enterprise...
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