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Feihong – Confucius Businessman Brand culture


Feihong motto: conduct ourselves before handle work


Confucius said, the ancient people didn’t utter their words rashly, for they deemed their failure of fulfilling them dishonor.


Man can’t keep a foothold without honesty and enterprises can’t without integrity. Honesty and integrity is the root for enterprises to seek for sustainability and development. “Once we make a promise, we shall fulfill it” is the motto of Feihong, we pursue long-term benefits with credit. Each and every move shall emphasize credit, promises and laws and regulations. Feihong sticks to the creed of “honesty and integrity is honor and breaking faith is shame”, which is abided by all Feihong employees.

company culture


Operation philosophy of Feihong: with practicality as foundation, we keep a foothold in the world with morality


Feihong only produces: practical products and products with conscientiousness


Like the old sayings go, “The gentleman knows what is right; the mean person keeps his mind only on gains”, and “ A gentleman makes money in a right way”.

company culture


Feihong team:


We have correct outlook of Right and Wrong, view of virtues and vices, view of shame. We have self-discipline and are friendly to others. We have sincere cooperation and unity spirits and vigor of youth. We are proficient in professional work, put the interests of the whole above everything else, have bravery to admit the mistakes. We understand obedience, self-accusation and gratitude.


Confucius said, “a gentleman of noble characters should consider 9 things carefully, clarity in terms of seeing, understanding in terms of hearing, gentleness in terms of expression, respect in terms of appearance, honesty in terms of words, caution in terms of actions, asking in terms of problems, dangers in terms of anger and justifiability in terms of gains ” . (the Analects of Confucius, Ji Family)

company culture


Philosophy of Feihong employees:


Among any three people, I can learn something for sure. I should learn the advantages from them and avoid the disadvantages.–Confucius


Confucius said, you should keep your promise to your friends.


Missions of Feihong:


Enable more people to realize their vision of high-quality high-efficiency standard construction


Online and end-of-line all-rounded design of rebar automatic process service schemes.


Visions of Feihong:


Become the most respectful brand of automatic rebar process scheme service.


Become the most practical brand of CNC rebar process.

We never say false, big and empty words; we only produce the most practical products.


company culture



For high-quality steel processing endorsement


You only concerned about my price but did not see my value;


You have your choice, I have my principles;


You deny my young now, it has decided to worry about the future of customers;


You laughed at me want to do the most respected mechanical brand, I pity you lose your dream;


You can underestimate our innovation, we will prove that customer needs is the focus of the enterprise;


To provide high-quality processing services program is destined to travel alone, on the road and ultimately to challenge and combat;


But, what about that?


Even small projects, but also do a beautiful peace of mind;


I am "flying macro machinery"


Whether now or in the future, I speak for high-quality steel processing!



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