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Chinese companies won the bid for Hungary - Serbian railway project [transfer]

Release time: 2016-12-23

November 24, 2015, according to the initiative of the Prime Ministers of China, Hungary and Cyprus, the Chinese government and the Hungarian government signed a meeting at the 16 + 1 conference in Central and Eastern Europe, directly under the direct promotion of the National Development and Reform Commission and China Railway Corporation. Agreement on the Development, Construction and Financing of the Hungarian Section of the Railway Project ".


(Hereinafter referred to as "China Railway International") and a subsidiary of China Railway Corporation China Railway International Limited (hereinafter referred to as "iron total"), China Railway Co., Ltd. issued a notice, its wholly-owned subsidiary of China Railway International Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Railway International") and China Railway Corporation subsidiary China Railway International Limited International "), the Hungarian Railways Corporation formed a consortium in Hungary as the project general contractor, responsible for the overall package management of the project. Iron International and China Railway International hold 85% of the shares in the joint venture. At present, the consortium is conducting consultations on internal division of labor.


Hungarian section of the Hungarian Railway project is part of the Hung Sai Railway. Hungarian Railway is located in Hungary and Serbia, starting from Budapest, the end of Belgrade, the line length of 350 km. Among them, the Hungarian section length of about 160 km. At present, most of the sections of the Hung Sai Railway are still single, the infrastructure is relatively old.


Huns railway project for the existing railway by two lines, electrification engineering, the design speed of up to 200 kilometers per hour, running at 160 kilometers per hour, the line with 1435mm standard gauge. The construction period of the project is set at 24 months. According to the Hungarian information, the Hungarian section of the Hungarian Railway Project is estimated at about 470 billion Hungarian forint (equivalent to about 10 billion yuan).


The Hungarian Railway Project is a landmark project of China-China-Eastern Europe cooperation. It is a co-construction project jointly announced by the three prime ministers on November 25, 2013. On December 17, 2014, the three parties signed the " Memorandum of Understanding ", by the three governments at the level of high concern.


The project is the first project of China Railway to enter the EU market, where the Eurasian continent is located in the Central and Eastern Europe region, but also "an area along the way" an important plate, for the Chinese railway, the Chinese technology will play a great push out effect.


As a major Chinese and Eastern European region to participate in the construction of an important traffic artery, the Hung Sai railway after the completion of the Greek Piraeus port of goods will continue to transport to Western Europe, so as to enter China's European goods to provide a convenient, Efficient transport corridor. (CCTV reporter Li Weidai)



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