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Create elaborate casting boutique science - yi Lou high-speed standardization construction to build

Release time: 2016-12-24

Since 2014, the Yili highway to scientific management and innovative thinking, strict implementation of the construction standardization of the initiatives to comprehensively promote the standardization of the site, the standardization of construction and management of the effective implementation of standardized, carefully cast fine, scientific achievements, to create high-quality engineering , The project construction smoothly, to ensure the successful completion of the annual investment task, the project quality and stability and stability control, construction and management level effectively improve.


 (November 12, 2014, the provincial transportation department party members, discipline inspection team leader Liu Zhixin in Yi Lou company two standard inspection mixing station laboratory research.)


 2014 investment task successfully completed the construction of orderly advance


 Yi Lou Expressway is located in the middle of Hunan Province, the project north of Yiyang Taojiang County, the new house, and the construction of the Yiyang around the high-speed phase, south to Loudi City Shuangfeng County sandstorm, and has been built Tan Shao highway phase. Route length of 105.928 kilometers, the main roadbed width of 26 meters, the design speed of 100 km / h.


 Yili high-speed plan opened in 2017 opened to traffic. At that time, Yiyang, Loudi between the two cities will not end up with the history of the highway, the two cars will be from the current two and a half hours to shorten within 1 hour to become the Hunan region north and south main channel of the encrypted line and economic trunk, South of the north of the new convenient channel.


 Since 2014, Yi Lou company to innovative management initiatives and extraordinary pace of work as the main line, to speed up the project construction, in the early work, land acquisition and demolition, construction and other aspects of the project has made remarkable achievements. Annual investment of 2.02 billion yuan, accounting for the annual meeting of Hunan Province issued the annual target of 20 billion yuan task of 101%, accounting for the provincial key tasks assigned to the annual target of 1.5 billion yuan 134.7%.


 Implementation of the site, the construction of standardization to ensure the quality of the project


 Since the start of the project, Yi Lou high-speed implementation of the "Hunan Province Expressway Construction Standardization Management Guide", the strict implementation of the construction standardization of the measures to speed up the standardization of the site, the standardization of construction and management of the effective implementation of standardized management to promote standardization, standardization and fine And effectively ensure the quality of the project.


 (Three standard mixing station corner)


 In the Yi Lou high-speed, contractor project department resident function clear, corporate culture, rules and regulations, all on the wall, management and orderly order; full line of concrete mixing taste bar processing tasting prefabricated beam field all use "three concentrated" construction, Garden-style "mixing field model, in addition to the necessary access to the road hardening, the extensive cultivation of green seedlings, to create eco-type construction area; site laboratory unified use of the activities of the board structure, chart, management system, uniform operating procedures and on the wall, Instruments and equipment by the unified calibration of professionals, and strive to beautiful and practical.


 This standardized management benefited from the Yi Lou high-speed "garden-style mixing station" construction as the entry point, vigorously promote the construction site standardization, including the standardization of resident construction, mixing station construction standardization, site laboratory construction standardization. Through the vigorous implementation of site standardization, both for the participants to provide a comfortable working and living environment, but also to ensure the effective implementation of the project management measures.


 At the same time, Yi Lou company to innovative initiatives as the carrier, to promote the construction process standardization. In the construction of the project, the active use of new technology, new technology, strict control of the sub-project construction management, to ensure the construction of standardized and refined.


 Among them, the roadbed construction to take a layer of excavation of a step of the way, and strictly control the thickness and layer of the filler layer; across the line culvert engineering, bridge edge construction by the professional team uniform production Wai block; all bridge pile construction uniform Construction of pile foundation mud circulation pool, mud sedimentation tank; reinforcement cage in the steel processing and processing production, is strictly prohibited in the construction site production processing; use LZ59S10B tensioning experts and LZJS10 grouting experts and new technology, the implementation of the entire computer automatic control, Beam plate tension grouting quality.


 Promote the standardization of management to create a safe, rest assured that the project


 Pay close attention to the quality of the project at the same time, Yi Lou high-speed adhere to the people-oriented, safety first, pay close attention to the management of the labor force, safe management, and comprehensively promote the construction management standardization, and strive to create a safe and assured project.


 (Eight standard workers in the processing of pile-based steel cage)


 To promote the standardization of labor service management, Yi Lou high-speed line in the implementation of security "three small pieces": badges, security reflective vest, rescue emergency package for the construction of safety and construction personnel to provide a strong security.


 "Badge" management refers to the full range of labor workers ID card, attendance, skills training, technical and other basic information into the computer system, made into a "badge" issued to the workers, all labor workers must be licensed to To facilitate timely verification of labor workers information. Requiring all construction personnel to enter the site must wear a "safe reflective vest". In the strengthening of personnel management, is strictly prohibited foreign personnel into the construction site at the same time, but also in the bridge and other high-altitude operations in time to find the ground construction workers, to avoid causing safety accidents.


 (Second supervision office measurement engineer to show staff work card)


 The installation of emergency rescue package is mainly used in tunnel construction. Before the construction of the tunnel, the construction unit will organize the workers to carry out pre-job training and safety technology to the end, strictly implement the emergency plan of the exercise, and set up emergency rescue channel on the basis of each tunnel into the construction staff with rescue emergency package. There are oxygen tanks, gas masks, water, flashlights and other facilities in order to reduce the security risks.


 At the same time, Yi Lou high speed also requires the entire contractor to establish a training room for migrant workers, at least a month of safety production training to strengthen the education and training of migrant workers management and technology, security, the quality of production will be safe Requirements and details are in place.


 (Two standard peasant workers classroom)


 In the safe field management, Yi Lou high-speed adhere to the implementation of standardization. In the construction site site, with blue, yellow and red logo as a warning sign, according to the operating area of the dangerous source level, the implementation of safe partition management, unified production, standard set warning, warning signs, signs, to ensure the safety of vehicles in the past. At the same time, the establishment of security responsibility for publicity system, security issues reporting system and reward system. In the construction site to establish a public card, named security officer name, telephone number, etc., the real responsibility for the implementation of safety management to the people, to the post.


 For the key bridge, tunnel and other control engineering, Yi Lou high-speed also vigorously promote the information monitoring system, in the bridge and tunnel construction site installation of video surveillance system, GPS positioning system and access control system; mixing field unified installation of video surveillance and data monitoring; Site laboratory using pressure machine networking and video surveillance dual control mode, easy to grasp the actual situation of the construction site to control the quality and safety of engineering conditions.


At the same time, according to the project safety management requirements, Yi Lou high-speed adhere to the normalized security inspection, in the form of a form of refinement of each safety regulatory measures, inspection and strict inspection by item to ensure that security measures in place.


Three ways to strictly assess the standardization of construction from the requirements into a habit


In the development of strict and meticulous construction standardization measures, Yi Lou high speed also supporting the development of a clear standardized assessment rules.


There are three main assessment methods: quarterly comprehensive assessment, special management assessment and site laboratory star rating. Among them, the quarterly comprehensive assessment of civil engineering in the development of standardized assessment of the implementation details, in accordance with the frequency of assessment once a quarter, combined with the labor competition, do the same research, with the layout, with the inspection, with the assessment, with the summary, The implementation of the hook, through the assessment of the project to establish a separate project, and organize the promotion in the whole line. Special management assessment is for the reinforcement spacing, reinforced concrete protective layer thickness, the appearance of concrete quality and other specific assessment indicators, adhere to the principle of data to speak, the high rate of qualified projects to give a certain reward. Site laboratory is the use of star rating, the laboratory staff, equipment, operating environment, the authenticity of the industry data, norms, timeliness, test and testing to carry out the situation, the quality of engineering entities to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the situation, combined with normal inspection and concentration Assessment, through the quality of the report and quarterly assessment, to standardize the test to test and control the quality of the purpose of the project.


 (Seven standard standardized steel processing plant)


This strict refinement of the standardization of construction initiatives plus dynamic evaluation of the real grid, in the Yiluo high-speed construction site, the standardization of construction concepts increasingly deeply rooted in the people, and gradually from "to me standardization" to "I want to standardize" change.


2015, Yilou high-speed will continue to implement the standardization of site construction, construction technology standardization, safety production standardization, project management standardization, innovative management initiatives, and actively use new technology, new technologies, new materials, construction standards will be implemented, Safe high-speed, high-speed high-speed.


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