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"Thirteen five" high-speed rail network expansion

Release time: 2016-12-24

Recently, a number of places issued the "thirteen five" planning recommendations revealed that the "three five" period, the country will add a number of railway lines. This includes Yinchuan to Lanzhou, Baotou to Xi'an, Chongqing, Guiyang, Datong to Taiyuan, Zhanjiang, and Xiamen to Changsha, Chongqing and other lines.


Railway industry people on the 21st century economic report Reporters revealed that the original national long-term railway planning is the "four vertical and four horizontal" passenger line, "thirteen five" period may have to become "six vertical and six horizontal" or "eight vertical eight Horizontal "high iron. The current planning program is still in the research review and discussion stage, the official text or come out after June next year.


"Thirteen five" high-speed rail network expansion


According to the recently announced local "thirteen five" plan recommendations and related content, the central and western provinces will be high-speed rail construction as the next five years, one of the key construction content.


According to Chongqing, Shaanxi "thirteen five" plan proposal, the next step Shaanxi will speed up the "rice" shaped high-speed rail network, large Xi'an subway network and Guanzhong inter-city railway network construction, Chongqing will also focus on the development of high-speed railway, Km, improve the "rice" word rail network.


This means that Chongqing to Xiamen, Chongqing to Kunming, Chongqing to Xi'an, and Xi'an to Yinchuan, Xi'an to Baotou and other passenger dedicated line will be in the "three five" start, as part of the new high-speed rail network.


Among them, many places confirmed that the new high-speed rail lines have been incorporated into the national planning.


November 19, Ningxia government held a "Ningxia Railway Development Plan" to develop and improve the situation and the progress of major railway projects to promote the report. The meeting pointed out that Ningxia planned Yinchuan to Hohhot high-speed railway, Zhongwei to Lanzhou guest, too Bank of China Railway to Yinchuan section of the second line, too Bank of China Railway to the Zhongwei section of the second nine additional railway, has been basically included in the national long-term planning.


Ningxia Autonomous Region Chairman Liu Hui stressed that the next step to focus on getting to the northeast to Yinchuan to Hohhot off, southwest to Yinchuan to Lanzhou guest, west to Zhongwei Wuwei to Urumqi guest, south to Yinchuan to Zhengzhou passenger special four fast rail aisle.


At this point, Yinchuan future east to Qingdao, north to Baotou, Hohhot, south to Lanzhou, to the southeast to Zhengzhou, Xi'an will build high-speed railway.


In addition, the Hubei Provincial Standing Committee, Xiangyang Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wang Junzheng has presided over the municipal party committee standing committee meeting, confirmed Xiangyang to Guilin high-speed rail has been included in the national "thirteen five" plan, is expected in the "three five" mid-term construction.


Yichang Railway Office Director Li Chunhua also revealed that the state will also be in the "three five" during the construction of Xiangyang Yichang to Guiyang railway, the new Chongqing to Shanghai, the new high-speed rail will also be Yichang.


In this regard, Hubei Academy of Social Sciences Vice President Qin Zunwen that in 2014 Yichang and Xiangyang region GDP reached more than 300 billion yuan, more than the capital city of Shanxi Taiyuan, these areas with some provincial capital to establish high-speed rail line is necessary The


Add multiple trunk lines


In 2008, the railway medium and long-term planning were "four vertical and four horizontal", "four vertical" is, Beijing and Shanghai, Beijing-Guangzhou, Beijing Kazakhstan, Shanghai - Shenzhen, "four horizontal" is Xuzhou - Lanzhou, Kunming, Qingdao - Shijiazhuang - Taiyuan, Nanjing - Wuhan - Chengdu.


According to the news disclosed around the current number of new major routes have been incorporated into the national "thirteen five" plan.


Ningxia Autonomous Region Chairman Liu Hui said at the above briefing, Ningxia has been in the country's long-term road network planning "eight vertical and eight horizontal" high-speed railway network to achieve the "two horizontal and one vertical", "two horizontal" Large channel and Qingdao to Yinchuan large channel; "a vertical" for the Yinchuan - Xi'an - Wuhan - Fuzhou channel. In addition, the country "seven horizontal and seven vertical" Pu speed railway network in the "one horizontal" Qingdao to Lhasa also through Ningxia.


According to the Hunan local news, Xiangyang to Guangxi direction of the high-speed rail is also studying. Such as Hunan Shaoyang City leaders in October this year, with the China Railway Corporation leaders to confirm the talks, the state is studying the planning and construction of a Zhangjiakou by Taiyuan, Zhengzhou, Hunan to Nanning, Zhanjiang, Haikou passenger line, forming a north-south passenger channel, this Large channel will be combined with Luochan railway channel expansion.


Railway planning expert Zhang Jiangyu that the past long-term railway passenger line planning is "four vertical and four horizontal", "thirteen five" sure to expand, but how to expand yet to be studied.


"A lot of high-speed rail line or to the railway company's proposed, or the National Development and Reform Commission put forward, it may form." He said.


Central South University School of Transportation Engineering Vice President Qin Jin believes that now the local high-speed rail is very positive, the core issue is how to locate the nature of high-speed rail, and how to attract social capital to participate in investment.

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