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All over the preparation of the "three five" plan to lock the intercity railway

Release time: 2016-12-24


"Now is the end of the year, but also the railway 'thirteen five' plan to finalize the key moment, the most recent period we often go to the National Development and Reform Commission and the China Railway Corporation run, to discuss the province as soon as possible to start some projects." A local development and Reform Commission is responsible for the railway Project officials told reporters.


2015 is the "second five" ending year, is also the "thirteen five" plan preparation year, all over the tightening of the development of "thirteen five" during the regional railway development plan. Reporters learned that inter-city railway construction has become the focus of many provinces locked. With the "one by one" strategy to enter the full implementation phase, all over the "one way along the way" to promote the relevant projects to accelerate out as a "thirteen" an important starting point.


Focus on the development of inter-city railway into the consensus


At present, the "four vertical and four horizontal" main skeleton of high-speed railway network has been started construction, including "four vertical" high-speed rail has been completed and opened to traffic, "four horizontal" most of the road has been completed and opened, most of the road will not be completed In the "second five" at the end of the building. With the "big artery" through, to strengthen the intercity railway-based "capillaries" to become around the "thirteen five" plan in the focus. According to the reporter, Hebei, Shaanxi, Shandong, Zhejiang and other provinces have announced the province's "thirteen five" during the inter-city railway development blueprint.


Recently announced the "CPC Hebei Provincial Committee on the development of Hebei Province, the national economic and social development of the thirteenth five-year plan proposal" proposed to build a modern integrated three-dimensional transport network, to create "north and south through, east west west" of the big traffic pattern , To achieve the city through the fast railway. Actively develop inter-city railway and urban rail transit, speed up the construction of Jingtang, Jingheng, Shiji and other fast railways. Hebei Province Development and Reform Commission drafted the "on the intercity railway construction work to speed up the notice" also proposed that the rail transit as the province's "three five" infrastructure construction of the key tasks, the establishment of Hebei inter-city railway development fund, In the province planning and construction of inter-city railway project capital investment, the scale tentatively set at 18 billion yuan.


Shaanxi Province in the "thirteen five" period, will be fully accelerated Baotou to Xi'an, Xi'an to Chengdu, Yinchuan, Wuhan, Chongqing, Nanjing and other passenger line construction, improve the Shaanxi fast railway network. Five years plan to invest about 250 billion yuan, the construction mileage of about 4600 km, and strive to operate mileage of 7,000 km, to achieve the city through the fast railway, Xi'an and the surrounding eight provincial capital high-speed rail Unicom.


According to the media, "Xinjiang" thirteen five "inter-city railway planning" has been completed the first draft, according to the plan, "thirteen" period, Xinjiang will build Urumqi as the center, east to the wooden base, west to Karamay, north To Jindong, south to Kashi's inter-city railway network and actively explore the possibility of extending westward to Yili.


In addition, the reporter was informed that has been reported "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei inter-city railway network planning," proposed by 2020, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei new inter-city network scale of 1034 km.


Railway experts, Tongji University professor Sun Zhang said, "four vertical and four horizontal" series is a large city, inter-city railway network construction will be small and medium-sized cities with high-speed rail connectivity, is conducive to strengthening the regional economic balanced development, , The difference between urban and rural areas, but also help to reduce vehicle emissions, to promote energy efficient travel. "Over the past few years we have focused on the main line, but many areas of inter - city railway development is blank, 'thirteen five' period, this one must fill up.


Compared to the previous state investment in the construction of the main railway network, inter-city railway construction will rely more on local governments to raise funds for construction. And the face of the current financial pressure and debt burden, the local government will inevitably hope that the participation of social capital.


Social capital will gain more opportunities for participation


July 30 this year, the National Development and Reform Commission and other five ministries and commissions issued "on further encouragement and expansion of social capital investment in the construction of railway implementation opinions" proposed to actively encourage social capital to enter the railway field, focusing on encouraging social capital investment in the construction and operation of intercity railway line.


Henan Province earlier this year released the "Opinions on Further Accelerating Railway Construction", which will adjust the proportion of the capital contribution of the railway project provinces and provincial cities: the provincial capital of Henan Province, Provincial railway construction investment entities unified funding. Inter-city railway project provinces, provincial cities by 3: 7 ratio of investment, along the provinces and cities according to the actual investment in the territory of the allocation of investment and the corresponding provision of loan guarantees. Suburbs, feeder lines and other railway projects in accordance with the "who benefit, who invest" principle of operation by the provincial cities, counties (cities, districts) and enterprises to finance or attract social capital investment and construction.


Zhang Chunlin, director of the Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission and director of the Yuanjiang Office of the Autonomous Region, also said that Xinjiang will accelerate the reform of railway investment and financing system, with the central financial funds and the railway development fund as a guide to attract social capital to invest in inter-city railway with market potential.


Beijing Jiaotong University School of Economics Professor Zhao Jian said that the intercity railway is usually a short distance between the inter-city need to use high-speed rail passenger traffic is also very limited, in addition to Shanghai-Nanjing, Beijing and Tianjin these economically developed, ultra-intensive areas, Most of the inter-city railway lines are very difficult to profit short-term, the project construction must consider the economic costs. "Now a lot of inter - city railway projects are released to the private capital, but the question is, there is no willingness to come in private.


But in the view of Sun Zhang, around the planning of inter-city railway lines before, will certainly have a certain estimate of passenger and efficiency. With the economic development, the regional flow of people will be more and more, and the state of private capital into the railway project in the tax, finance, land and other policies to give a lot of preferential measures, intercity railway investment prospects are still more optimistic.


Reporters learned that there are already some cities of intercity railway lines trying to finance social capital, but the market reaction is different. Sichuan's Sichuan railway company has been "the first from the iron completely formed by the local railway company" status and concern, but in the actual formation process, which lasted 2 years to welcome the people, and finally Sichuan Province and pull the iron total Shares. While the eastern province of Shandong, the situation is much better, the key projects in Shandong Jiqing high-speed rail project through the public to the public financing has been Temasek, CSR Quartet and other enterprises to participate in investment.


"Along the way" railway project to speed up the layout


President Xi Jinping in October pointed out that the steady progress of the "one way along the road" construction cooperation is China's "13th Five-Year Plan" an important part of the plan. In fact, the provinces are also seizing the "one way along the" opportunity to actively strengthen the relevant railway construction.


Sichuan Province, the province's "thirteen five" plan "outline" to prepare a major content is to participate in the "area along the way" and the Yangtze River economic zone construction. Sichuan in the "thirteen five" during the planning and construction of the "top ten high-speed railway channel", including the convergence of the Silk Road economic zone with a large international channel 3: Chengdu by Xining by Urumqi to Central and Western passenger routes, Chengdu, Lanzhou by Urumqi To the Central and Western cargo channel, Chengdu by Golmud by Kashi to West Asia (South Asia) freight channel. (South Asia) passenger transport channel, Chengdu from Lhasa to South Asia freight channel, Chengdu by Panzhihua from Kunming to Southeast Asia (South Asia) cargo channel.


At present, Hunan, Jiangxi, Fujian are seeking to Chongqing - Changsha - Xiamen (Yu Chang Ha) high-speed rail into the "thirteen five" national railway construction planning. Jiangxi Province, proposed for the Chongqing-Changsha Railway into the "13th Five-Year" national railway construction plan, is a positive docking into the Yangtze River economic zone, "one way all the way" under the national strategy, Xiamen to Chongqing after the completion of high-speed rail, and then west To Chengdu, and then to Xinjiang, Tibet will become a new channel across the Eurasian continent.


 "Now we all have realized that some inland cities will become a new hotspot, while strengthening the docking with the Eurasian continent, the laying of the railway network must keep up." Chinese Academy of Engineering Wang Mengshu said.


But in Zhao Jian view, now many cities have opened such as Chongqing and New Europe, Yixin Europe, Han Xin Europe and other European countries, but due to insufficient supply, these classes rely on government subsidies to maintain the operation, in the existing railway The line is not yet saturated, the construction of new railway access is meaningless.


In addition to the domestic railway lines, the "area along the way" strategy in the overseas projects are also advancing.


December 2, connected to the capital of Vientiane, Laos, Yunnan and Kunming, the old railway Lao section (grinding to Vientiane) held a groundbreaking ceremony. The project is an important part of the Pan-Asian railway line, the railway by the Chinese side is responsible for the construction, is expected to be completed in 2020. According to the plan, the future of this line will also connect Thailand and even Malaysia and other countries of the railway.


In addition, by the Chinese enterprises to participate in the design and investment of Moscow - Kazan high-speed rail will also be in the "13th Five-Year" period to accelerate the project planning in the 2018 World Cup before the completion. The future, this high-speed rail line will be possible to extend to Beijing.


Wang Mengshu said that with the "one by one" strategy to promote the "13th Five-Year" period, there will be more overseas projects in the survey and design, construction, project management and equipment manufacturing and other industrial chain to rely on China's high-speed rail or railway technology , Our business and products will be through the "one way all the way" strategy to achieve a greater range in the world to go out.


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